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Filling Therapy

Our team works with high-quality and proven ceramic inlays and composites.

Ceramic inlays and composites can be used to achieve optimal and natural esthetics, as they are precisely matched to the tooth shade (chameleon effect).

Their material properties have a high biocompatibility and long-term durability.

Peridontal Disease

Periodontitis is a chronic progressive inflammation of the periodontium (gums and bones) caused by bacteria. Our team helps you to stop the disease and prevent its progression by means of targeted periodontitis therapy with close-meshed controls.

A restoration of the original condition is unfortunately not possible. In individual cases we can carry out regenerative measures with Emdogain and save teeth.

The inflammation can progress so far that the tooth bone is broken down. The tooth loosens and in the worst case leads to the loss of the tooth. In individual cases we can carry out regenerative measures with Emdogain and save teeth. In this case, the affected bone is rebuilt in its substance.

Dental prosthesis

Modern dentistry is increasingly oriented towards the needs of the patient. Our team of dentists is therefore increasingly working according to the latest dental knowledge and aesthetic aspects.

In our practice we offer our patients the complete range of dental prostheses. Our offer ranges from single crowns to complex dental prostheses.

Depending on the case, the dental prosthesis can be carried by the patient's own teeth and/or implants.

We consider ourselves lucky to have our own dental laboratory. In this way, we can guarantee our patients prompt fabrication, in which the dental technician can be involved on site.


Health begins in the mouth! Our practice team will be happy to inform you about optimal care of your teeth and gums as well as about optimal oral hygiene and a healthy diet.

We are happy to support your oral hygiene at home with professional tooth cleaning, fluoridation and regular check-ups.

During pregnancy it is important to check the gums closely. Here there is a risk of so-called pregnancy gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). We recommend a check every 3 months until weaning.

In the case of children and adolescents up to the age of 18, special child prophylaxis is also included in the above-mentioned prophylaxis.

A complete prevention by dentists guarantees you your bonus with the health insurance companies.

Teeth whitening

With us you can achieve a bright white smile painlessly and relaxed. You will immediately see the difference.

We use so-called power bleaching for tooth whitening. A hydrogen peroxide preparation is applied to your teeth. This penetrates into the uppermost tooth layer and then whitens your teeth. After approx. 1 hour the desired shade is achieved.